Damaris Collection jewellery is a fruitage of passion and heart put into every single project.

In rich variety you can find every kind of jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and jewellery sets. Handcrafted of many different materials. They are casted from different kinds of metal, ground and baked of zirconium, bend from wire, made of modeling clay, composed of beautiful stones, straps, crystals and glass.

Every piece is unique and extraordinary, made with precision, care for details, high quality and good taste. What makes my jewellery original is silver tag Damaris Collection. Every handicraft is packed in a beautiful, decorative box. All bracelet links are carefully soldered.

The most unique jewellery comes out of the cooperation with the client. This is one of the best ways to express personal style. Showing passion and preferences of my clients.

This is also an excellent idea for outstanding gift. Give jewellery selected with precision and care for every single detail that fits the person.

With love to details... Isn't it a key to beauty?


I am a dental technician. My precise job partly satisfies my artistic need to create miniature yet very detailed objects. What's gives me complete artistic satisfaction is passion of creating a jewellery.

It started quite early. As a four year old girl I joyfully shaped butter on a elegantly set table. With glint in the eye I discovered plasticity of many substances, like my mums dough or dads putty. Later on I used plasticine and modeling clay to make smaller and smaller works. I was sure of one thing – doing it in my adult life will make me happy.

Damaris Szczukiecka

For several years, I fulfil my most artistic visions under the "DamarisCollection" brand, creating unique jewellery.